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Cabier Ocean Lodge and Two Bays

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A unique romantic Cabier wedding will be exactly as you dreamt.

Sailing-trip combination offer for those who cannot get enough of Pirates of the Caribbean and wish to sail and dive in these beautiful waters.

Your own home in the Island in the Sun.
We have land for sale beside Grenada`s most beautiful beaches.

Favorite Trips

Seven Sisters Waterfalls

There is easy coastal walking along the headlands to neighbouring beaches.

There are paths along the coast and over the headlands running from the lodge with little else around you other than the sea and natural surroundings, the odd group of goats or cow, and a view inland to scattered small villages in the hills leading up into the rain forest. Cabier is very much away from it all. If you wish you can normally inveigle one of the lodge dogs (Bella and Rocky) to come walking with you. They seem to have an insatiable desire for walkies.

In the interior and up in the rain forest there is more serious walking with trails which give spectacular views over the mountainous Grenada scenery. There is a wide selection of bird life to see as well as the rainforest monkey tribes. The variety of colours in the plant and trees has to be seen to be believed – just how many shades of green, yellow, orange and red are there? There are streams and waterfalls in abundance with some you can swim in.

Bruno can advise you on trips into the interior of the island and can either take you on a personal tour or arrange one for you in the rain forest with a guide.

Travelling around the island and sightseeing or just “Limin”

Cabier Ocean Lodge is well situated so that each of the various attractions of the island can be reached and enjoyed in a day trip.

Driving on the island is not difficult although you will need to apply through the car hire company for a temporary driving licence at the police station (photo identity is required) and adjust to driving on the left if you are not from the UK. The roads are good and well sign-posted and there are not that many main roads to choose from.

There is a chocolate factory to visit, a famous spice and herb garden, as well as rum distilleries, and the heights around St George’s with the old fortifications afford spectacular views of the harbour and the interior. A walk around St George’s harbour on the Carenage and to the market is enough to fill a day – especially with a lunch stop overlooking the busy harbour. Finish off the day with a drink on Mourne Rouge beach and watch the sun sink into the sea, before heading back to Cabier for one of Bruno’s delicious dinners on the terrace under the stars.

Near by Grenville is an archetypical West Indian town (the old capital) with a vibrant local market. On the west coast Gouave has “Fish Friday” with an evening street party, steel band and stall holders selling cooked seafood.

Drive up to the north of the island and see Carib’s leap and the islands of the Grenadines disappearing into the distance.

On your way around the island you may stumble upon a village cricket match. Serious stuff this - our local village had a two day match watched by several hundred villagers with barbecues going. If you have never seen a West Indian cricket match before, this is your chance if you are there in the season. The locals will explain the rules if you are not familiar with the game.

One thing is certain; you will be met by friendly locals wherever you go who will normally have at least one member of their extended families living in the UK or New York or Toronto. Grenada is largely untouched by tourism outside the area around St George’s.

Of course you do not have to do anything at all other than relax in a hammock or in a beach lounger on Cabier’s stunningly beautiful beach and just drink in the natural beauty of Cabier; watching the pelicans dive for fish and the large frigate birds trying to bully them into dropping their catch. If you’re doing that you have just learnt what the locals call “Limin”.



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