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Cabier Ocean Lodge and Two Bays

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A unique romantic Cabier wedding will be exactly as you dreamt.

Sailing-trip combination offer for those who cannot get enough of Pirates of the Caribbean and wish to sail and dive in these beautiful waters.

Your own home in the Island in the Sun.
We have land for sale beside Grenada`s most beautiful beaches.

Experience the spectacular "Underwater World" of Grenada


There is a spectacular world surrounding the island and you won’t want to leave it undiscovered – Grenada’s fascinating underwater world starts just below the surface of the ocean with innumerable coral reefs and several of amazing dive sites which you can explore by scuba diving as well. The best dive sites in Grenada are accessible by boat and we recommend to utilize the long experience of our diving partners.

Profit from your stay at Cabier Ocean Lodge and ask for special offers for individual dives ore special training. Experienced diving guides can take you to sites you may otherwise not come to know. More than 30 different dive sites vary from 6 to 40 m depth or even deeper, and typically the visibility is 30 meters and more.

There are diving places in Grenada which are perfect for the beginner, and other places which become a real challenge for professionals. Sites range from simple drift dives through the colorful sloping coral underworld to dives in untouched deep reefs.

In the coral gardens you can observe many gorgonians and sponges next to hard and soft corals, everywhere teeming with seahorses and many species of colorful tropical reef fish.You may chance upon the full blown green moray.You will experience more marine life than you ever expected.

Throughout the whole summer time you may observe several species of turtles. They nest on the windward side of Grenada where the females come onto the beaches in order to lay their eggs in the dry sand.


Grenada’s scuba diving areas are well known in the Caribbean with about fifteen ship wrecks at different levels of depth. Over the past the various ship wrecks have changed themselves to colourful artificial reefs and become home to a variety of marine life.

The most famous wreck is "Bianca C", a 200 m long cruise ship. She sank in 1961 and is also called the "Titanic of the Caribbean".

Grenada’s famous “Underwater Sculpture Park” is based on the design of the British artist Jason de Caires Tylor. The park stretches over a depth of two to ten meters under the water. It is made up of a collection of over 60 sculptures which tell and depict the history, culture and folklore of Grenada. The sculptures form an artificial reef which is now densely populated with colourful fish, corals and sponges. Due to the relatively shallow waters the sunlight illuminates the sculpture park and its visit becomes an unforgettable experience for connoisseurs of art and nature lovers alike. It is a must for snorkelers, divers, and can be also accessed by glass-bottom boats.                                          Spectacular Underwater Water World


On every dive you will be fascinated by discovering always news in this wonderful underwater world.