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Cabier Ocean Lodge and Two Bays

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A unique romantic Cabier wedding will be exactly as you dreamt.

Sailing-trip combination offer for those who cannot get enough of Pirates of the Caribbean and wish to sail and dive in these beautiful waters.

Your own home in the Island in the Sun.
We have land for sale beside Grenada`s most beautiful beaches.

Join the Cabier Club

Buyers of Cabier land are members of the Cabier Club and will have full access to all facilities and services like restaurant, cocktail bar, W-LAN high speed internet and oceanfront gardens and the beach.

Villa owners have the advantage of shared security for a holiday home, maintenance and infrastructure. We will take care of your garden, clean and maintain your house. There is an option to rent out your house to our guests when you are not there – if you like.

For further information, please contact Cabier Ocean Lodge owner Michael Böhm.