Warum sollten Sie in Grenada investieren?Why invest in Grenada?Pourquoi investir à Grenade?

Cabier Ocean Lodge and Two Bays

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A unique romantic Cabier wedding will be exactly as you dreamt.

Sailing-trip combination offer for those who cannot get enough of Pirates of the Caribbean and wish to sail and dive in these beautiful waters.

Your own home in the Island in the Sun.
We have land for sale beside Grenada`s most beautiful beaches.

Why invest in Grenada?

Grenada is one of the fastest growing tourism market in the Caribbean and has a shortage of high quality holiday properties. The value of your property  will increase during the next years. As a result, the World Travel and Tourism Council has predicted tourism growth of 5.5% per year between 2006 and 2015, far above the average for the Caribbean as a whole. Grenada’s tourist market is supported by direct flights from the UK, USA and Continental Europe, as well as by two downtown cruise ship terminals which received over 245 cruise ship visits holding over 240,000 passengers between October 2005 and April 2006. As well a new marina, new commercial centre, a duty-free shopping mall and a planned golf resort will increase the island’s desirability over the coming years.


Renowned for its picturesque, mountainous interior of rainforests and waterfalls and its coastline of protected bays with diving bases or wale watching excursions and secluded beaches, Grenada is the last undiscovered jewel of the Caribbean. As one of the few islands which has remained unspoilt by tourism, Grenada, offers a rare opportunity to enjoy the real soul of the region, with colorful clothing, aromatic Creole cooking, vibrant calypso music and tranquil palm-fringed beaches. The temperature during the whole year varies only between 25 – 32  ° C.