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Cabier Ocean Lodge and Two Bays

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A unique romantic Cabier wedding will be exactly as you dreamt.

Sailing-trip combination offer for those who cannot get enough of Pirates of the Caribbean and wish to sail and dive in these beautiful waters.

Your own home in the Island in the Sun.
We have land for sale beside Grenada`s most beautiful beaches.

Cabier Ocean Lodge, your tropical paradise in Grenada

Enjoy being surrounded by nature, beach and garden - "click" on picture for panoramic view


Experience with all your senses …

Here in the comfortable family-run Cabier Ocean Lodge, you will experience the natural beauty of the Caribbean with all your senses.  Our Lodge, with its 15 guest rooms is set on a picturesque low promontory. Uniquely we are surrounded on three sides by the sea. On one side you will find a palm-fringed beach with its calm clear waters; ideal and safe for swimming. On the other side a shallow bay with coral reefs; great for snorkeling. From the garden you will enjoy the endless view over the wide expanse of the ocean.

Cabier Ocean Lodge offers both standard and superior rooms; several of our apartments have kitchens. Also a spacious family apartment with kitchen, two bedrooms and large living area. All our rooms have en-suite bathroom and toilet, and a balcony. 

Just above the lodge, nestling on a gentle hill, is Two Bays house with its Villa and two Studios and a separate garden area. Each Studio has its own balcony and the Villa has a shady veranda. These three units can be connected internally to give a large apartment.

From all the rooms at Cabier you will enjoy spectacular views of the bays, beaches and the sea. Cabier Ocean Lodge is set just above the beaches. For you alone or your family or friends, you can choose from the various possibilities that we offer, to create the holiday that you want.

Finally - time to relax …

Our guests are always thrilled by the beauty of nature and the warm Caribbean hospitality of Grenada but often just enjoy carefree relaxation, "liming" as it is called in the spice island. You can clear your mind with calm Caribbean daydreams. Take time for a favourite book, or just let your imagination wander.

The magic of this exotic spice island ...

Here you can explore the whole island on your own, with family or friends and get to learn how life is in the Caribbean. The magic of this exotic spice island is always beguiling and fascinating.

Pleasant footpaths run through our natural surroundings to the nearby villages of Crochu and La Tante and to several uninhabited sandy beaches and bays quite close by. We will be very happy to organize for you day-trips to the capital St. George's or the other special attractions in our "Spice Island”. Shopping expeditions to the wonderfully scented and colorful markets in the towns are quite unforgettable.

Grenada is always in season ...

A very popular way to become acquainted with the country and its people are guided tours all over the island. Also you will have a great opportunity is to take part in "hashing" (cross-country paper chasing), sailing, fishing, scuba diving and snorkeling. Or take a day trip to one of the neighbouring islands. The maritime possibilities are endless and guests from around the world make good use of the opportunities around this beautiful island.


Grenada offer something special for everyone in the Caribbean

Cabier Ocean Lodge - surrounded by sea on three sides - "click" on picture for panoramic view


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